Wesley’s Story

Hello, my name is Wesley and I am a Black Labrador, 8 years old, country dog at heart and big and bouncy!


I was handed over to the Labrador Rescue Trust a few days before the first lockdown in March 2020, and I spent the next 3 months living in kennels where I became a bit of a ‘lardy boy’.


Then, a home was found for me with a new dad and mum, Martin and Sarah Killian, and I moved here in June.


I have my own kennel, comfortable bed and have a kennel mate called Ted, a fox red Labrador, another rescued dog.  I get biscuits, which I am not used to and plenty of exercise and so my figure is returning.


I love to pick up objects and walk round with them – watering cans, tomato plant pots, food bowls, water bowls, hand sanitizer, gloves – I’m quick as well, as soon as 1 object is removed from my mouth I find another, so now I have my own personal bowl to carry around and take to bed with me.  In the hot summer we had our own paddling pool and I just loved lying in the cool water with my kennel mate.


My first party trick is to tip over any bowl with water in it – so now my bucket of water is clipped to the kennel so I can’t tip it over – but then I always have my eye on Ted’s bowl, which often gets tipped over.


My second party trick is climbing over 5 bar gates – bit of a knack to it really!


My new dad has a lifetimes experience training dogs – he spotted my potential and took me gundog training.  It didn’t take long for my dad to be proved right, after just 3 weeks with him I achieved my Kennel Club Bronze Award, got a certificate and rosette, they tried to take a photo of me but I’m very camera shy, not being a poseur.  I have met many friends there, but I have noticed that all moveable objects are now picked up off the floor or table and placed up high away from me!  Strange these humans.


In the winter I went picking-up on a shoot when Covid lockdown allowed.  Heaven!  Just loved hunting the woods and working with my new mum and finding the pheasants for her, I really am a lucky dog.


I overheard that I’m going to have the ‘chop’.  This ‘chop’ sounds really tasty – maybe a lamb chop, I wonder, but apparently my diary is very full with picking-up so I will have to wait a bit longer for it – can’t wait – yum yum!


Thank you Labrador Rescue Trust / Sally Oliphant for finding this wonderful home for me.


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