The Labrador Rescue Trust’s 25th Anniversary

On 25 November this year, The Labrador Rescue Trust will have been helping Labradors in need for twenty five years and, during this summer, we will also handle our 10,000th case.

This is an average of four hundred cases each year since the formation of The Trust in 1988 and is a considerable number of dogs that have needed our help.  This figure, of course, includes our formation years where the number of cases was fewer as we now handle five to six hundred cases every year.

Over the years, we have built up a reputation in the dog world for the caring and professional way that our volunteers handle their work.  Everyone that works with The Trust ensures that the welfare of every dog remains paramount at all times.  We now have over one hundred and forty unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly to help Labradors find new, caring homes.

In the present economic climate, more and more people are looking to our Charity for help.  We do not receive any Government or Lottery Grants towards our costs but the dogs would suffer from today’s economic constraints if it were not for charities, such as ours, who have to raise sufficient funds to look after them.

We are the largest Labrador Rescue Charity and one of the largest pedigree dog Charities in the United Kingdom.  Over the last twenty five years, through careful management, we have been able to ensure that funds have been available so that we could continue with our work for our breed and we will, of course, continue to do so for as long as there is a need for our help.

I cannot say that we look forward to the next twenty five years because of the type of work that we have to do but we will continue to do everything that we can to ensure that we are always there to help any Labrador that needs our help.  Our reward is knowing that we have been able to help so many lovely dogs in their hour of need!

John D. Cowell, MBE


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