Supported Adopted Dogs


The Labrador Rescue Trust would like to announce the launch of a new initiative aimed at supporting and funding the medical care required for Labradors that arrive in The Trusts care with pre-existing conditions.  Our Deputy Regional Co-ordinator and Trustee, Belinda Filmer, explains how the scheme will work.

In the Spring Issue of ‘Labradors Forever’, I reported The Trust’s financial position and told you all how much we had spent last year on financing our Supported Adopted Dogs, which resulted in an overspend of over £40,000.

I have selected three typical cases from recent months to demonstrate the work we do and the expenditure we incur:

  • Poppy, an 8 week old puppy, diagnosed with juvenile cataracts and handed into rescue by her uncaring breeder.  The cost of her eye surgery was just over £2,200.
  • Bruno, a young dog who needed surgery on both hips which resulted in a bill of £2,400; and
  • Henry, who some of you will know from his previous appearances in the Labradors Forever magazine.  Although his surgery was done some time ago, he still requires regular hydrotherapy treatment to strengthen his hind legs and this has cost £600 so far this year.

So these three dogs alone have incurred costs in excess of £5,000.

After mulling over our financial predicament and lengthy discussions with The Trust a very simple solution became evident, a solution that we can all help to achieve without too much effort or expense on anyone’s part.

We decided to launch the “S.A.D. Scheme” – whereby as many people as possible enrol and pay £5.00 (minimum) a month by regular standing order and become a Supporter of The Labrador Rescue Trust S.A.D. Dogs.

For only five pounds every month you could help The Trust to finance the ongoing costs for the S.A.D. Dogs, all of whom have come into our care with a pre-existing condition that the new home are unable to insure against.

Without The Trust’s financial support, many of these dogs would not easily find their new and forever home.

Of the 343 S.A.D. Dogs currently on our lists, many of our wonderful homes already cover the costs of treatment for their dog’s condition, but for those that do rely upon The Trust, we are now spending £60,000 a year (60% of our veterinary expenditure for the last financial year) to finance the treatment for those dogs.

I am fairly certain that most of you would wish to help The Trust as much as you can, so if you are able to sign up to the scheme you will be happy in the knowledge that YOU are actually making a huge difference.

With all good wishes

Belinda Filmer

Deputy Regional Co-Ordinator & Trustee


SAD SamSAD AnnieSo, it’s that simple.  For the cost of a leading brand burger meal or a film rental or a couple of pints (if you’re lucky) each month, you could do your bit to help the many Labradors that come into our care with pre-existing medical conditions.  But Sam would like to remind you all that dog treats are an essential monthly item, and they should never be missed out.

The Trust is solely organised and run by volunteers, many with day jobs who fit in their voluntary contributions around the rest of their busy lives.   Sadly medical conditions do cost The Trust considerable funds each year, and as Belinda has explained, often it’s not just a one off cost, but rather continued funding required year after year.

If you would like to become a Supporter of The Labrador Rescue Trust S.A.D. Dogs, please download the Standing Order Mandate either using the button below Annie or by saving the image further down the page.


SAD ButtonCompleted Standing Order forms should be sent to :

The Labrador Rescue Trust, 32 Award Road, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7NT.

The Support a SAD Dog Scheme is a fund designated to help Supported Adopted Dogs (SAD) to receive treatment and/or medication for the rest of their life.

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SAD Doug

See, it was worth getting to the bottom of the page so you can see Doug again.

Many thanks for reading and for your continued support to help The Trust in everything that it does to make a difference in the lives of so many Labradors.

If you’ve got any queries, don’t bother asking Doug, he’s too busy in his forever home, along with the occasional vet visit, which he knows is for the best.

But you can email where one of our wonderful volunteers will be able to answer any questions you might have.