Ruby – April 2021

Ruby,  our chocolate Labrador,  was fourteen on  the 8th April 2021.  Her original owners emigrated to Australia when Ruby was five in 2012 and they asked the Labrador Rescue Trust to find a new home for her.  We had just lost our long haired black and white Lurcher, Tiggy and weren’t going to get another dog for months.  We lasted 6 weeks and to cut a long story short we adopted Ruby.

Ruby settled in very well and surprised us – or rather my husband- on her first morning, by rushing upstairs and launching herself on top of him in bed:  we hadn’t allowed previous dogs on beds!  Now at almost 14 years old she is obviously much slower except when she goes out with Chester, a fox red Labrador,  and my son and daughter in law,  who have kindly taken her out most Sundays in lockdown.  Chester rounds her up when she wanders far in the fields and has selective hearing.
She has also been listening to the tv news about Covid:  when I give a little cough or sneeze Ruby rushes out of the room for five minutes and hides!

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