Black Labrador Monty

Rhubarb Monty!

Monty arrived with Sally and Simon in 2020, when he came into the care of The Labrador Rescue Trust because his family just couldn’t cope with boisterous nature and energy.

Sally and Simon remember the day he arrived and compared him to looking like a bit of forced rhubarb – all nervous energy and gangly legs! He pulled like a train on the lead and recall…..well, he loved to run about everywhere at great speed only coming back when he was good and ready!

He was quite anxious at first, desperately trying to please but not really knowing what to do. So it was important to get him settled into a routine quickly and be very calm and consistent with him. Sally took him to gundog training classes because be seemed to really enjoy retrieving things and she was amazed at how quickly he progressed.

He quickly became a very loving and affectionate dog and Sally and Simon can’t imagine life without him.

A big Thank You to Sally and Simon for providing Monty with the home environment, time, patience and training to help Monty overcome his anxiousness and allow his confidence to grow! He certainly doesn’t look like a bit of forced rhubarb now!