Polly – August 2019

Just to let you know that life is very busy. I have learn’t lots of new tricks I even let the postman come into the garden without barking at him, but I have to escort him in and out of the property.

Life is full of new adventures and as you can see from the photo this I think is my favourite. I have had a busy day. I am not very keen on the hot weather we have been having but that is not going to put me of going out down the field/veggie garden even if I am told on numerous occasions to ‘GET OF THE GARDEN’.

I do not know why I have to keep of the garden but it keeps my master on his toes. I have been known to hide in the veggie plants hoping that he will not see me but he gets lonely and then calls me and I get up to go and see him only to be told to ‘GET OF THE GARDEN’.

Ah well, my partner Rosie the Jack Russell who has helped me through the settling in period in my new home is going to leave me in the near future.




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