Planning Your Journey

We’re all going on a summer holiday

There are plenty of dog friendly holiday cottages and hotels throughout the UK and part of the excitement of visiting a new area is the chance to explore new surroundings and enjoy new experiences. The last thing you want is a trip to the Vet, but with a little planning you can all have a lovely time.

Planning your journey with your dog in mind

Spend a little time planning your journey and you will all enjoy it more – there is nothing more stressful than searching for a suitable space for a comfort break for your dog!

  • Practice travelling in the car
    If your dog doesn’t not travel regularly in the car, get him/her used to it in advance.
    And spend some time training them to sit and wait in the car even when the doors are open. This will allow you to attach their lead or put on their harness quickly and easily without the stress of trying to contain an excitable dog desperate to leap out of the car.
    Some dogs suffer from travel sickness so identifying any problems in advance will allow you time to consult with your vet.
  • Plan where and how your dog will travel
    Using a crate for the journey to pack around can help you better utilise space and it gives your dog its own comfy area for the journey. There’s an obvious safety issue too – there is always a risk that a dog that is loose in the car could be catapulted forward in the event of an emergency stop!
    Make sure you purchase the correct size crate that allows enough space for your dog to lie down, turnaround and sit upright,
  • Spend time getting your dog used to a crate
    A dog that is used to travelling in a crate will likely snooze throughout the journey
  • Pack a dog travel bag
    Make sure that it close to hand for the journey and includes a water bowl, water, lead, harness, meals/treats and poo bags.
  • Up-to-date identification tag
    Make sure your dog has an identification tag on its collar that displays phone numbers you can be contacted on whilst away (i.e. your mobile phone number).
  • Plan your journey
    If you have a lengthy car journey, make sure you plan some suitable stops to allow all of you the opportunity to take a convenience break, have a drink and stretch your legs.
    You don’t want your dog to arrive stiff and sore, especially if they are older.

So now you are all on your way to your holiday destination…..spend a little time planning – if you’d like some help, just click on our handy link for help with booking your holiday, planning your packing or your stay and you’ll be all set to enjoy your holiday to the full…..and don’t forget to send us some pictures! You can send us a postcard at

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