Black Labrador Milo

Milo Becoming Marvellous!

Jackie first met Milo at a group training session with his Foster Mum and could see that he would be a challenge but thought he would be a great addition to her two black Labrador girls. Jackie was made fully aware about the sort of home he needed and the amount of training he would need to overcome his sometimes challenging behaviour.  Jackie participates in all types of reward based training and could see that Milo was very bright and would be a great dog to work with.

Jackie adopted Milo a year ago and he is doing really well and loving life! He’s progressing well with his gundog training, and has been out picking up a couple of times. Jackie is also doing some scent work with him and goodness does he love it!! He’s very good at it, if she can just rein back his enthusiasm and speed!

He’s also been to obedience training and got a 3rd & 4th at his first attempt! Jackie is currently getting him ready to represent her dog training team/club for a rally against other clubs and so far so good!

Way to go Milo! And a big Thank You to Jackie for channelling Milo’s brightness in the right direction!

Gun Dog Milo