Maxie's Surprise Question

Maxie Has a Surprise Question!

10 year old Max had been used to living outdoors when Issie and Ed agreed to foster him to see if he could make the change to living indoors.

At first he was too nervous to come indoors without gentle and positive persuasion, but he gradually grew in confidence and very soon he thought that living indoors was the best thing ever!

Issie and Ed soon knew they wanted Maxie to be a permanent part of their family, as they couldn’t imagine life without him! Coming downstairs every morning to his cheeky face, wiggling bottom and a present of his choice, usually a slipper, just fills the house and everyone with happiness!

Whilst trying to get that “family photo”, Ed, Maxie and Percy were all in on a little surprise – confirming Maxie’s new surname!

Congratulations to Issie and Ed and to Maxie for finding his forever home!