It's a win for Lilly

It’s a win for Lilly!

Lilly was a more mature lady at 10 years old when she arrived into the care of The Labrador Rescue Trust. She initially went into a Foster Home with two of our lovely volunteers, Jo and Mike, who already have a calm and sociable Labrador Rescue Trust dog, Dexter, who always has a welcoming manner with Foster Dogs. After a month, Lilly was considered able to find a new permanent home and a lovely one was found for her. Off she went but sadly she was so unsettled and getting distressed in her new home that within a  week, Jo and Mike had to go and collect her. As soon as Lilly stepped foot back into their home, and was reunited with Dexter again, she settled as though she’d never left and it was deemed that she had obviously chosen her forever home! And so it was made official!

Jo and Mike, accompanied by Lilly and Dexter, are often seen as being Ambassadors for The Labrador Rescue Trust, and they really make the best team!

Lilly recently entered her first ever dog show….and won 1st place in the Best Rescue class!

A big Thank You to Jo, Mike, Lilly and Dexter for fronting the Charity Awareness Days!