Henry – March 2019

Henry came to me in 2010 aged 5 1/2.  and I was privileged to keep him until this Saturday when his legs finally failed him.  He spent his first afternoon with me shredding a pheasant toy and dashing in and out of the pond – and for all his life he loved getting wet. He was into everything – the smellier the better, and interested in everything that was going on.  Decomposing deer leg foraged from the undergrowth was an especial favourite. Henry had recently become a Church dog – a regular attender at Morning prayer, and somewhat prone to sneaking off and inveigling himself into wedding photos.  He was also good at pastoral visiting – with his special way of setting people at ease by sitting on their feet and offering some special sounds and smells from his nether regions. His favourite activity was trying to retrieve large logs or trees from muddy ponds.  I attach a photo of him in action.  I never did manage to get a photo of him face on smiling because he would never face the camera – I probably wasn’t offering a large enough fee!  He was adored and loved by many who will all miss this great character. Thankyou Henry for enriching our lives beyond measure.  All my love x

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