If you are thinking about rehoming your Labrador for whatever reason, please be assured that we will not judge and will instead help support you and your dog.

Firstly, it would help enormously if you were able to supply some details about your dog. We ask for both forms to be completed using the links below (Details of Dog For Rehoming Form and Medical and Veterinary Consent Form). The more information which you can provide, allows us to then assist in the best possible way.

Details of Dog for Rehoming Form:

Medical and Veterinary Consent Form:

What we will do with the information submitted:

  • We will check that the microchip is registered to the name and address of the person giving up the dog, as this is a legal requirement. We can always advise on what to do if this isn’t the case.
  • We will request any medical history for the dog so that we are aware of any conditions they may have had or currently have, so that we can make provisions.
  • We will then arrange for you to be visited by your local volunteer for a chat and for them to meet with your dog.

If you would instead prefer to speak to someone directly in the first instance, please feel welcome to contact the Co-ordinator listed for your county.

Click here to see details of areas covered and the Co-ordinator to contact.

We do prefer for a dog to remain in its current home until a suitably matched new home can be found, which can be from a few days or sometimes a few weeks. In certain circumstances, should you be unable to keep the dog at home whilst we seek a suitable new home, we may accept the dog and place them in a foster home if one is available or as an absolute emergency, a kennel space.