If you are thinking about rehoming or need to give up your Labrador (for whatever reason) to a rescue organisation, then please click on the  link below to complete the application form:

Dog Rehoming Application Form

We will then arrange for you to be visited by your local helper for a chat and to take more information about your dog(s).

Alternatively, please contact the Area Co-ordinator listed for your county.

Click here to see details of areas covered and the Area Co-ordinator to contact. Our Area Co-ordinator will take some basic details and will arrange for you to be visited by your local helper for a chat and to take more detailed information about the dog or dogs you need to rehome.

It would help The Trust enormously if you are able to supply us with the veterinary record, including the name, address and telephone number of your veterinary surgery and dates of their last inoculation, worming and fleaspraying. If your dog is microchipped it would be very useful if you were able to hand over the microchipping paperwork to our volunteer when your dog is collected, but if you do not have any paperwork, a note of the microchip number itself, and then our microchipping officer will make the arrangements for the transfer of the number into the care of The Trust.

The Trust takes in many pairs and also offers the flexibility for a Labrador to be rehomed with another companion non-Labrador, if they cannot be separated.

After our initial visit, we can then arrange to take the dog into rescue. Depending on the individual circumstances, the dog could be rehomed immediately, but in most cases it is likely that the dog will remain at home until a new home has been found, which can be a few days or sometimes a few weeks. In certain circumstances, should you be unable to keep the dog at home whilst we seek a suitable new home for him, we may accept the dog and place him in a foster home or a kennels. We do not wish to do this unless it is essential, for it is far less stressful for the dog to go directly from his old home and into his new home on the same day. As a Charity, we also have to consider the cost of putting a dog into kennels – particularly if a suitable home is not immediately available.