Do’s & Don’t With Heatstroke

If dogs are too hot and are unable to reduce their body temperature by panting, they will develop heatstroke – which can kill.

Some types of dogs are more prone to heatstroke – very old or young dogs, dogs with thick, heavy coats or dogs with certain diseases or on some types mesication.

Know the signs

  • Heavy panting
  • Excessively drooling
  • The dog appears lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated
  • Collapsed or vomiting

Know what to do

For the best chance of survival, dogs suffering from heatstroke need to have their body temperature lowered gradually.

  • Move the dog to a shaded and cool area
  • Immediately pour room temperature water over the dog. Be careful about using wet towels – Placing a wet towel on a dog that has heat stroke does not cool them down. Instead it acts as a barrier that traps the heat, the water on the towel is then heated by the body and acts to warm the body instead of cooling it down.
  • Wet the ears and paws with cool water.
  • Wrap ice blocks in a towel and place in the groin and armpit region.
  • Heat stroke is serious and potentially fatal, or in some cases causes brain damage.
  • NEVER use cold water as it could send your dog into shock.
  • Allow the dog to drink small amounts of room temperature water. You can use cool water but NEVER use cold water.
  • Continue to pour water until their breathing starts to settle.

Once the dog is cool, take them to the nearest vet as a matter of urgency.

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