Dog Proofing

Whether you are expecting visitors or not, as far as our dogs are concerned, Christmas marks a change in our behaviour and our homes and that usually means a change in their routine. So spend a little time dog-proofing your home and you will all enjoy the festive season!


  • If you are expecting visitors, make sure they know the house rules, for example:
    • No human food,
    • No food from the table,
    • No titbits whilst people are eating,
    • No dogs on furniture,
    • No dogs upstairs or where ever you want to keep hair free,
    • No leaving the outside door open,
    • No leaving dog unattended near tree/gifts
    • No leaving the dog unattended in kitchen – even the best trained Labrador might not be able to resist a resting turkey!
    • Please leave the dog alone if he/she has gone to bed to sleep
  • Make sure the Christmas tree is safe –
    • that it is positioned where you dog cannot get in/under/behind it
    • that it is secure and unlikely to topple over,
    • if you are using tinsel, make sure there is nothing dangling that your dog might grab
    • if you have a fresh tree, that you sweep up the needles regularly and that the water for it is not accessible
    • …..just be aware that to your dog, a bauble may look like a ball, that twinkling lights may draw them to the tree wire, water
  • Candles and scented candles are fabulously atmospheric – just be ware of wagging tails and fire safety
  • Keep gifts and shoes out of reach!
  • Keep all chocolate out of reach
  • If you have made your own dog treats…..keep them out of reach too!
  • Keep all children’s toys out of reach
  • Try to keep to a similar routine
  • Take care when introducing visiting dogs
  • Make sure that your dog is always wearing a collar and tag – just incase he/she gets out!
  • For some dogs, the change in noise level, number of people, the temperature of the home or even a change in their routine can be stressful, so create a safe and quiet space for your dog where they can go to relax away from the general excitement.
  • Be aware of Fireworks throughout the festive season and make sure that your dog has access to their safe space.


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