Dog Bed Cover

Make a cover for a dog bed


You will need:

  • Old towels / Old Duvet cover / Old Sheet / Old Fleece throw
  • Scissors, pins and tape measure
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread


How to:

  • Essentially you are making a large pillowcase to cover the bed and you will need 2 pieces of fabric – one will be the size of your bed, the other will be 12 inches longer to allow for a nice flap/envelope to keep the bed in place within it’s new cover.
    It might help to get out a pillowcase so that you can see just how it is put together.
  • If you are making a new cover for an old bed, measure the bed to make a template for your new cover – remember to allow extra at the sides and the end to cope with the depth of the bed and the seam allowance.
  • Try to use the decorative or sewn edges of your towels/fleece/duvet for the open end of your cover as well as the edge of the flap/envelope as it will save extra work.
  • Cut 1st piece of fabric for your cover, the size of your bed including seam allowances.
    Cut the 2nd piece of fabric, but add 12 inches to the length to allow for the flap/seam
  • Place your 2 pieces right sides together, folding the flap back on itself.
  • Sew along the 3 sides
  • Turn inside out…..and you have a smart new pillowcase cover for your bed.


Practice makes perfect, so don’t give up if you make a mistake – your dog will love it anyway!


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