CHIP – Two Years On!

Chip came into the care of The Labrador Rescue Trust when his family’s circumstances changed and they sadly could no longer keep him.

Because he was overweight and unfit he went into a Foster Home to go onto a diet and build up his exercise levels and training. Some of you may have followed his weight loss journey on our Facebook page, which is where Pauline and her family first saw him and they just loved following his progress. They applied to rehome a dog but never they would be matched with Chip – they were all so excited to meet him!

He took a little while to settle in, but very quickly he became inseparable with their young Labrador Nellie, playing together all the time and sleeping together. Pauline and her family had to do lots of training with him to start with, as he was gorgeous boy but not perfect, and they carried on with his diet and exercise programme.

Since adopting him two years ago, they all adore him but he’s decided that Pauline is the “one” and follows her everywhere! He’s a real cuddle monster and so affectionate and likes to cuddle up to her on the sofa. The only trouble is that Nellie likes to as-well so she ends up with two on my lap!

A big Thank you to Pauline and family for welcoming Chip to your home, maintaining his new physique and also to Pauline for sharing her lap with him and Nellie!