Booking your holiday with your dog

We’re all going on a summer holiday

There are plenty of dog friendly holiday cottages and hotels throughout the UK and part of the excitement of visiting a new area is the chance to explore new surroundings and enjoy new experiences. The last thing you want is a trip to the Vet, but with a little planning you can all have a lovely time.

Booking your holiday with your dog

Follow this handy checklist to enjoy your trip:

  • Tell the owner that you are bringing your dog
    Even if the Hotel or Cottage you are booking welcomes dogs, make sure you notify the owner that you are bringing your dog, with you and how many you are planning to bring.
  • Check the outside space
    You’ll need to check that the property and garden are big enough if you have more than one dog and that there is enough outside space to let off some energy. And check how secure it is too.
  • Understand the Pet Rules
    These are put in place to protect your dog, yourself, the holiday cottage or Hotel and their future guests. For example, some owners will ask that pets are kept downstairs and off the furniture.

    • If your dog is used to sleeping with you, this might be possible if you bring your own bedding, but this will need to be agreed with the owner beforehand.
    • If your dog is used to sitting on the furniture, then think about taking a fleece or cover to keep the owner’s furniture clean and undamaged.
    • Many owners will also ask that you do not leave your dog alone in the house, even in the evening. However, they might provide a dog sitting service if you would like to go out without your dog one day.
  • Research the area you are visiting
    • Find out which pubs, beaches and attractions welcome dogs.
    • Also find out what walking opportunities there are in the local vicinity, along with any restrictions due to livestock and wildlife.
    • It is also worth noting the telephone numbers for local vets and veterinary hospitals….just in case!


So now you have booked your trip…..spend a little time planning – if you’d like some help, just click on our handy links for help with your packing, your journey and your stay and you’ll be all set to enjoy your holiday to the full…..and don’t forget to send us some pictures! You can send us a postcard at

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