BILBO – On the Road to Recovery

Mr Bilbo Baggins came into the care of The Labrador Rescue Trust when he was 9 years old. Sadly, Bilbo’s owner was unable to look after him and his health had suffered as a result. A health check revealed poor muscle tone, and generally being out of shape, but also untreated skin and ear conditions requiring extensive and lengthy treatment.

Bilbo was placed into a Foster Home to give him the love, care and stability he needed to help him whilst he started on his long recovery journey. Initially Bilbo was quite anxious about life and it took a while for him to settle into his new routine, but his loving gentle nature never faltered throughout all of the testing, poking and prodding and numerous trips to “The Vet”.  He even put up with his twice weekly baths to tackle his skin conditions!
Bilbo was making great progress and was clearly enjoying life again now feeling more comfortable, but then the spring went out of his step and x-rays then revealed that cruciate ligament surgery was required. He is recovering well and is taking the restrictions on his exercise very stoically – at least the pesky baths have stopped!

He is a great character and just loves everyone….and is always very keen to give a present to visitors……usually all or part of his bed!

We would like to say a big Thank You to his Foster Home for all the amazing support they have given to Bilbo throughout all of his treatments.