The Trust is always in need of more foster carers. These people take some of our dogs into their homes until we can find a more permanent home. Depending on the individual dog and the situation, this can sometimes be for a matter of days, until arrangements can be made to transfer the dog into his new home.

Some of our foster carers also provide a halfway house and do assessment/training/rehabilitation work and in these situations the dog may remain for several weeks or longer, to ensure that the dog is ready to be rehomed.

Pam Ayres
Celebrity authoress, writer and all round-entertainer, Pam Ayres MBE has become one of The Trust’s voluntary foster carers.

Pam is pictured here with her own Labrador puppy, Crumpet and foster dog Sally.


Our emergency kennelling expenses have escalated, putting a tremendous strain on our resources. Could you foster one of our Labradors while we arrange a home? It makes sense to place a dog in a foster home, a home situation being much better for the dog than waiting in a boarding kennel. It also saves The Trust’s valuable funds. Across the region kennel prices vary from £6.50 per day to £12 per day.

Not all of our dogs have problems, but it may take a day or two for us to find the suitable home required and then arrange transport for the move, so a place of safety is needed.

If you feel that you could help us reduce these crippling costs and would like further information please contact your nearest Area Co-ordinator click here.

Taking on one of our Supported Adopted Dogs

With many of our dogs that are elderly or have a pre-existing medical condition, we will place these dogs into a new home as a Supported Adopted Dog. The Trust sometimes covers the cost of veterinary treatment that may be required for the remainder of the dog’s life that relates to a pre-existing condition. We are however, extremely grateful to many of our homes who cover much of the costs themselves, so allowing The Trust to help more Labradors in need.