Bath CAD Team

Bath Charity Awareness Day : 27th May 2024

We had a great day in Bath on Bank Holiday Monday.   It was a bit of a slow start as the rain kept the shoppers inside but once it stopped raining, we had a lovely busy time talking to the shoppers and giving out details about the Charity and talking a lot about our dogs.   The morning helpers, Susan & Henry, Jane, Bryan & Buddy, Declan & Tess, Jean & Rosie, Julie, Rob & Bear, Sophie, Pheobe & Indie all did an amazing job.

We seemed to have two shifts, so most of the early helpers had gone home when the heavens opened again with another heavy shower. Fortunately, we had shop doorways to shelter in.  The rain soon passed and again the shoppers returned to talk to us and pat the dogs.

Helpers for the afternoon, Patricia, Chris & Stanley, Mike, Jo, Lilley & Dexter, Sally, Fred & Monty, Sam, Mark & Ben, Mary, John, Pie & Chrissy,  Sophie, John, Saylor & Charlie all got involved and we will hopefully receive some applications and enquiries from the day.

The total raised was £747.87 and that was all thanks to our lovely helpers and the generous shoppers in Bath.