A warning about E. coli

Hi – it’s Bruno here again, fans. I am just getting over a very nasty bout of E. coli. Wanted to warn you all – Dogs and Owners. No fun blog – this is serious.

5 weeks ago they noticed I was limping: my right hind foot had one split claw and the paw was all swollen and weeping pus – I knew, it was very painful I can tell you. Straight to the vet and 2 days later because the infection had developed so rapidly, and wasn’t responding to the initial antibiotic treatment, they took me into their hospital for 3 nights.  (Ah, the weekend Spa!). The leg was X-rayed because of a concern that the infection might travel up into the bone with serious consequences. (I heard owner mutterings, thankful for insurance!).

Is it serious? Take a look at the photos:

Once the swab was analysed, it proved to be an aggressive form of E. coli, the bacterial infection, probably contracted through the split claw, in the mud and filth in our local fields. But Suzie and I always have our feet washed after every walk because of the mud.

It has taken 5 weeks now of constant treatment – new dressings, flushing and bathing, and 2 different courses of antibiotics over the weeks. The claw sheath came off and has exposed the digital nail or phalanx bone: I heard the vets muttering they didn’t want to remove the nail bed as the outside pad is weight-bearing. Important with my dodgy legs!

So no walks, I still have a waterproof bootee on whenever I go out in the garden – total misery. Now, at last it is healing and has stopped weeping. Even my nice vet said, “He just wants his foot back, but mustn’t lick it”. Yes – but for how long? Now the 6th week, nearly £2000 and still not out of the woods yet.

Starting to feel better – they let their guard down so I stole half a pound of butter the other day – well I’ll be 12 on the 29th of March – roll on the summer and scones!

Chris and Patricia – 28 March 2021


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